"Little people, why can’t we all just get along?" - Mars Attacks!  (1996) (X)

"So come up to the lab and see what’s on the slab."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) (X)

"It was a space ship. And there was these things, these killer clowns, and they shot popcorn at us! We barely got away!" - Killer Klowns From Outer Space (1988) (X)

"Carrie had some sort of power. But she was just like me… like any of you. She had hopes, she had fears, but we pushed her. And you can only push someone so far before they break." - Carrie (2013) (X)

"Honey! C’mon over here, Sugar-buns. This machine just called me an asshole!" - Maximum Overdrive (1986)

"You still don’t understand what you’re dealing with, do you? Perfect organism. Its structural perfection is matched only by its hostility." - Alien (1979) (X)